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The Source Multicultural Center Budget 2021


Revenue:                                                         Amount:


General donations                                          $4000.00


Appeals:                                                          $2000.00


Monthly Giving:                                              $18,000.00


Clothing Drive:                                                $5000.00


In-Kind donations:                                          $7000.00


Christmas Extravaganza:                                $5000.00


Super Sunday                                                  $800.00


Total Revenue                                                 $41,800.00



Expenses:                                                        Amount:


Salaries                                                            $20,000.00


Supplies                                                          $800.00


Technology update                                        $6000.00


Culinary update                                              $2000.00


Production/Music update                              $2000.00


Total Expenses                                                $41.800.00


Balance:                                                          $0.00


 Outlined in purple is the strength of where the budget will be given in effort to occupy the space and technology updates that are needed to empower our youth and senior communities. To be able to offer a site where community children and seniors feel welcome and comfortable and safe. This budget empowers our seniors with information technology and other health initiatives to remain connected and provided for. The rent budget will be able to help us pay for facility usage and bill payment for operations. 

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