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The Source Multicultural Center


Prepared by: Joseph L. Roberts

3250 W 60th St
Chicago, Illinois 60629 6307850450


The Source Multicultural Center (referred to from hereon in as the "Company")established as a Non-profit Corporation at 3250 W 60th St, Chicago, Illinois 60629 with the expectation of rapid expansion in the community center industry.


New Service

The Company is prepared to introduce the following service to the market:

Community Resources: The Source provides food, furniture from in kind donations throughout the Chicagoland and Evanston communities, classes to equip youth and seniors in culinary, information technology, production and performing arts. We provide the opportunity to complete needed supervised community service hours.

The need within the communities we serve is great. The resources and instruction given offer extended opportunities to create a life and growth in our gang filled and poverty communities and abroad. Being the source of hope and help to the under privileged and those without.

II. BUSINESS SUMMARY Industry Overview

In the United States, the community center industry presently makes 0 dollars in sales.

Research shows that consumers in this industry primarily focus on the following factors when making purchasing decisions: The communities in which we serve are filled with the highest crime rates, gang presence, homelessness, substance abusers in the city. We are not positioned in one place, but our resources mobile throughout Chicago and Evanston wherever we can bring help and hope. According to the CompStat report on in District 08 alone. The 08 District reported 20 Murders, 83 Criminal Sexual Assaults, 247 Robberies, 222 Burglaries, 343 Thefts, 347 MTR Vehicle Thefts. This is the community in which our center resides, considering the City and need of youth safe places and initiatives it is important that we continue to provide classes, offer job opportunities to keep the minds of youth engaged with a greater focus on leading model citizen lives. To provide the needed resources for our seniors to remain connected and involved safely, and provide food, clothing and other resources to those in need.

Legal Issues

The Company affirms that its promoters have acquired all legally required trademarks and patents.


Target Markets

The Company's major target markets are as follows:

Our goal is to reach the homeless, those who are in need of a second chance from incarceration, addicts, seniors and youth all around the greater Chicagoland and Evanston communities.

The estimated number of potential clients within the Company's geographic scope is THE GREATER CHICAGOLAND and EVANSTON communities.


First-rate service is intended to be the focus of the Company and a cornerstone of the brand's success. All clients will receive conscientious, one-on-one, timely service in all capacities, be they transactions, conflicts or complaints. This is expected to create a loyal brand following and return business.


Attached we have provided the following financial information: The Source Multicultural Center Budget

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